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Memory Lane Gazette #153 Last issue to be published

Changing TimesAfter 35 years of publishing historical information about Montrose in the Memory Lane Gazette, it is with deep regret that we are informing our readers that we are suspending publication.  Over the years, the number of our readers has dwindled.  This publication has been published by all volunteer hours, and takes a great deal of time in research, writing, editing, and setting up to print.  We have enjoyed bringing the memories of Montrose to you and we thank you for all your support over the years.

Thank you for your support & consideration,

Museum & Gazette Staff

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Looking for History

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Tri-County Citizen Story

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New Phone Donation

In the not too distant past, in a galaxy far far away this phone was donated to the Museum.

A few members from the Museum were invited to attend a meeting of the retired telephone union members in Pontiac, Michigan.   Our members were very excited to find out that this vintage payphone was to be donated to the Museum’s collection.  We thank Mr. William Lewin for finding the phone and making sure this beauty is on display in the Museum.

Old Payphone Aug8

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The World’s Largest Collection of Telephone Pioneer Pins on Display.

Telephone Pins


We now have the distinction of having “The World’s Largest Collection of Telephone Pioneer Pins” on display.  The Pioneer Pins are highly colored enamel and each has its own theme.  Many hours went into this display and it’s one of a kind.  Telephone Pioneers (active and retired) make up the worlds largest corporate volunteer organization.  It was founded in Boston in 1911 as the Telephone Pioneers of America, and was funded through company sponsors and public charitable donations.  You have to see the pins to even begin to grasp the far reaching volunteerism of this organization.

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