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Summer 2016 Newsletter

WooHoo!  As they say in the biz, “it’s in the mail”.  We printed out 400 newsletters over the weekend and got them folded ready for the royal treatment on Monday.  After lunch on Monday, Joe took almost ALL the newsletters (stickered (today, it’s a word) and labelled) to the Post Office and saw them on their way to your mailboxes 🙂  We would love to hear if you make any calls to desert phone booths, drive by the new school lintel…or anything else that tickled your fancy in this (or any other) newsletter.  A really BIG thank you to ALL who helped get this newsletter ready and in the mail!!

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New Phone Donation

In the not too distant past, in a galaxy far far away this phone was donated to the Museum.

A few members from the Museum were invited to attend a meeting of the retired telephone union members in Pontiac, Michigan.   Our members were very excited to find out that this vintage payphone was to be donated to the Museum’s collection.  We thank Mr. William Lewin for finding the phone and making sure this beauty is on display in the Museum.

Old Payphone Aug8

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Memory Lane Gazette #147 NOW on Sale

The Summer issue #147 is available for $1.00.  Among other items this issue has a photo of the first hotel in Montrose Township, The William Reed Hotel.  You may pick up this or any issue at the Museum.  You may also receive the issues by subscription for $6.00 a year.

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